Ora 03 GT

Haval Jolion Pro

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2025 Ora 03 500km

From $7,000,000 Full-duty

From $8,000,000 Full-duty

From $7,700,000 Full-duty

From $9,250,000 Full-duty

From $9,300,000 Full-duty

From $11,500,000 Full-duty

From $15,500,000 Full-duty


Modern intelligent cockpit

With dashboard’s sharp appearance, added with luxury, the TANK 300 HEV is sure to catch people’s eyes wherever it goes.

The technology rich dual 12.1 inch intelligent interactive duplex screen displays real-time information such as the altitude, gradeability, body roll, wheel turning, and tyre pressure, taking into account both appearance and practicality.

Dual 12.3-inch full-color smart screen.

9 speakers sound system.

Comfortable seats with vegan leather.

Technology and Innovation

GWM is striving to build a more sustainable world. That’s why we insist on investing in electric vehicle technology to provide greener, smarter, safer travel for all and a brighter future for the planet.

Jamaica's Best Warranty

Enjoy Peace of Mind.

Backed with a 6 Year 150,000 Kilometre Warranty, the HAVAL Jolion SUV offers complete peace of mind no matter where the road takes you.

Our 3 Year Service Package gives you the confidence of knowing your pick-up will receive great quality with genuine GWM HAVAL parts.

Vehicle tracking providing real time GPS location data.


*All prices are full-duty and include all advertised discounts. Where displayed 20% Duty selling price, these are for 20% Concession holders only. All models include a 6-year warranty or 150,000 KM. Additional stamp duty may apply.